1987 Range Rover classic Southern car New Pics – $2500 (Grosse Pointe)

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Have you ever watched Hoovies Garage on Youtube? I’ve grown quite fond of it. Short segments on interesting cars that he buys and fixes (through his mechanic The Wizard in Kansas or by himself) before selling them on. His shtick, which is my itch, is buying the cheapest whatever in the market from Bentleys, Teslas, Porsches to a Ferrari Testarossa. He gets burned as much as he makes out after repairs which is an honest and down to earth presentation I enjoy. It’s an extension of his writing for AutoTrader which I browse and like as well. Check out why he would never buy a Range Rover here.

Find this rust free Rover for sale on Detroit Craigslist as of October 13, 2018 and start scratching.



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