For Sale: Asking $1,450. Opens to offers. Paul Grusche 310-431-5600

This 1991 Bose Built Quarter Midget was raced out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. I bought it kinda on a whim thinking it might be a good kart for my kids. However, I realized after bringing it home this is a serious kart for track racing. It is quite an extensive package including the original log book with the former racers ID cards, catalog, parts receipts and parts catalog. Please see the image gallery for details. If you go through all the images you will see one near the end that has everything packed up for travel. I was able to bring everything home in the back of an SUV with the kart on a trailer.

It comes with tons of extra new and used spare parts including:
– One complete engine with exhaust
– Amal, Solt and Carter carburetors and/or parts
– 17 engine DECO blocks
– Pistons and rings
– Extra rims, tires and one complete set of NOS tires never used
– Tools for setting timing and building out the engine
– Dozens of carburetor needle valves
– Shocks

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