Over the years, I’ve researched modifying a 1.7 liter engine and came across the following information. I’m not sure how much horsepower the engine modifications made but I seem to recall it pushing the car into the 110 hp territory.

Larger Valves: 42×36 same as the 2.0L 914 ones

Camshaft: Web cam 73 works fine with the stock FI (get a cam and lifters)

Heads: ported and polished by a pro ($$$).

Ray Greenwood posted lots of info on the mods to make on the FI system.(do a search)

Distributor: I think the first thing is to get a good distributor. Then blueprint it so it works prefect. Or buy a new one as most of them are 30 years old. The distributor controls both spark and injection timing.

Exhaust: Put on the larger SSI heat exchangers with a Bursch.

Throttle Body: Put on the larger 50mm throttle body off a bus.

Ditch the oil bath air cleaner for the paper filter one and use a K&N filter.

Balance the moving parts of the engine. This is free HP! This means the crank,rods, pistons, fan, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch. Again take them all to a shop that does it, costs about $150.

After it’s running take the car to a dyno shop that can tune the FI, mainly the MPS. You want the fuel mix to be right at part throttle and at full throttle so you don’t go lean.

Have the injectors cleaned or rebuilt so you get a good fuel spray pattern.

Porsche 914-6 Conversion Think List

The 914-6 conversion seems to be on a lot of people’s mind because they have a six available and think they can plop it into an inexpensive roller chassis as I’ve often done. Here is a short list of needs to consider.

Carrera chain tensioner upgrade
Modify transmission for accelerator linkage
Carburetors: PMOs, Zenith or Weber
Shift rod linkage $200
Oil lines$300
Oil tank$800
Oil cap$60
Oil dipstick$50
Oil filter console$100
Accelerator linkage$300
Turbo valve covers
Fuel pump$60
Headers or heat exchangers$800
Alternator brushes $50
Fan belt$15
Distributor cap$30
Spark plugs$35
Spark plug wires$150
Engine mount. Ex. quick six mount$500
914-6 engine tin, cooling sheet metal $500
Rebuild kits, new jets and venturis for existing carburetors such as Zeniths$300