UPDATE: I’ve added better pics of the blue chassis

Here is a package deal. Red car is a 1976 and blue is the first year 1974. There are extra doors, a boxes of parts and bumpers with lights. The intent was to pull the drive train from the red car and put it in the blue car with the restored chassis.

Both are stored in a warehouse. I’m just not going to get to this project and would like to move them onto someone who will.

I’m open to offers.

Red car:

  • Motor turns over freely but have not tried to start
  • Pulled the Stromberg carburetors for cleaning but they are on the bench
  • Added Pertronix but did not connect
  • Brand new tires
  • Wheels are nice
  • Car rolls but inboard rear drum brakes have been removed so axles are not connected
  • Complete car
  • Originally a blue car, painted red

Blue car:

  • New X chassis over 10 years ago
  • Bought with body off of chassis as a roller
  • No engine or transmission
  • Nice chrome trim and wheels
  • Looks to be original color but not original paint
  • One tire doesn’t hold air very well but but can get it to roll on a trailer
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