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Don has the following car projects in the works right now.

1966 Porsche 912-6 – blue car pictured
– This car started as a rusty 912
– Full tear down, replacement metal and respray
– All suspension powder coated, hardware cad plated
– Flat six 2.4 liter 911 motor sourced
– Custom touches include paint, seats, gauges, black out trim, mirrors, etc.

Two 1986 Porsche 944 Turbos – pictured above
– The gray car pictured used to be Paul’s car and was repainted by Don
– The red car has been owned and serviced by Don including timing belts, suspension, exhaust

1970 Ford Bronco
– Light blue with white top
– Currently undergoing a brake, suspension and exhaust overall
– No pictures at this time, picture below is representative


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint
– Currently motor out
– Needs paint and interior
– No pictures at this time, picture below is representative


1984 Maserati Bi-Turbo
– Just purchased a month ago, two pictures below of actual car
– The plan is to get it running better, upgrade the interior and custom paint

s-l1600 s-l1600-1