Chrome Platers

My friend recommends the guy below Marseth. He doesn’t have his address but here is his number. I’ve never used him but trust my friend’s experience. He is a metal finisher that sends out for plating but my friend says he is good for straight plating as well.

Marseth Luvene

You could also try Walt at Micro Platers. I’ve used them for motorcycle fenders and other small items. They did a good job almost four years ago and were reasonable at that time. They are fairly close too.

Micro Platers Chrome Plating
38300 Van Born Rd.
Wayne, MI 48184
(734) 722-0421

The three below were referred to me by somebody long ago. I never used them but I tried to look them up online and give you as much information as possible. Two of them just have addresses from Google.

B&L Plating

A-W Chrome Plating
Click here.

Nicro Finishing
Click here.


Powder Coating