This business plan outlines the vision for an automotive-inspired furniture company founded by two artists and career automotive professionals Erich Bolinger and Paul Grusche. The company will specialize in creating unique, high-end furniture pieces that cater to car condo owners, selling them through the popular auction site

The founders’ passion for cars and design will inform the creation of a product line that captures the sleek, modern aesthetic of high-performance vehicles. The focus on luxury and quality will be reflected in the use of premium materials and craftsmanship, resulting in pieces that are both functional and works of art.

The initial product line will include a range of seating options, tables, and storage solutions that will appeal to car enthusiasts and collectors alike. The company will market its products directly to car condo owners through targeted advertising and outreach to automotive organizations and events.

The founders intend to scale up the business by expanding the product line and diversifying distribution channels. They plan to partner with luxury retailers and high-end design firms to offer custom pieces and limited editions. They will also explore licensing agreements to expand the brand’s reach.

The company’s financial projections show significant growth potential, with projected revenues increasing steadily over the next five years. The founders have a solid understanding of the market and a clear vision for the brand, positioning them for success in the competitive world of high-end furniture design.

Overall, the automotive-inspired furniture company has a unique and compelling proposition, with a passionate team of founders who are committed to creating exceptional products that cater to a niche audience. With careful planning and execution, this brand has the potential to become a leader in the luxury furniture market.