1988 Ferrari Testarossa Urgent Sale

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“Standard details include 12cyl,390HP; it is a flat design which is known for its endurance. The luxury details for this $275,000 vehicle include  tan leather seats, headliner, dash, door panels etc. I had the car for over 12 years and pampered it. Last year I added a premium performance exhaust system and this year  new tires. Approximately 6000 miles ago, the vehicle underwent a scheduled service maintenance, namely the out of body engine service with the replacement of the  timing belt and tensioners, valve adjustments and a complete verification. While the engine was out, I changed the motor mounts and clutch system. The vehicle needs NOTHING to make it most reliable.

As with most owners, these cars, although very robust, are taken care with precious attention, mostly because of their fabulous looks. Mechanically, Testarossa models are bullet-proof as far as endurance goes.
The price that I accept does not reflect the condition of the car.  I must sell the vehicle due to sudden changes in my personal life. It breaks my heart but I have no choice but to let someone else be the proud owner.”

It’s not collector status with the cosmetic wear to the seats and the “higher” mileage at 29,745.  But it has been serviced and comes from a long term, seemingly caring owner.   I would love to own it for 9,000 more miles until the next engine out service… or is that needed even sooner.
On eBay in New York for $47,000.

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