1988 E30 BMW M3. Everything on this car has been addressed!

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“1988 BMW M3.  I purchased this car in September of 2012 and went right to work restoring/replacing any aspect of the car that needed to be addressed.  This is a clean title M3 with brand new paint, refinished interior, many aesthetic upgrades, and tons of mechanical improvements.  From a mechanical perspective, the following has been performed (there has been more than just what is below replaced, and I do have receipts for everything, but I’ll refrain from listing every hose, ring, or gasket)…”

Nice restoration (lots or new and upgraded parts listed on eBay) although I’m not sure I agree with the “Wheeler Dealer” upgrades to set it apart from the competition.  Mike and Edd typically make performance upgrades, such as on the 944 Turbo or Lotus Elise, to give them an edge in a crowded market.  M3s are getting hard to find clean.  To go through a respray and have details like the original radio lend themselves to no-mods in my book.  It becomes someone’s idea of cool when cool enough came from the factory.  

On eBay for $23,500 to start reserved.

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