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Hemming Motor News has been a casual read of mine for years, probably over 25.  It was always one of those rags I picked up at Seven Eleven, along with Autotrader, then went home to fantasize.  The problem with the fantasy is that HMN was only good for one thing, American iron.  After sixteen candles and a 2002, American left my party quicker than a high school kid late for curfew  You see more European models now in Hemmings than back in the day, but the reality is, you wanna Fords or Chevvy buy this book.

When I saw Hemmings start to carry some auction results, I was intrigued and gave the nod to Sports Car Market for starting something.  They had already added color to the front pages, introduced monthly columns and beefed up things in many areas including the website.  How thin can you actually spread the publication with another title: Sports & Exotic Car?  I had my doubts.  Then they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, $10 bucks for a year.  What the hell, I can swing two fitties.

But before the magazine even showed up, I got a stinkin’ renewal letter.  What gives, I haven’t even read one issue and you want me to renew?  Of course, upon reading the letter that’s exactly what it said.  We know you haven’t gotten the first issue yet but…

Now I’ve read two issues.  Says right here chef recommends.  That would be me, the chef, would has found a new monthly read and is pretty excited about it.  Great European cars that fit squarely into restoration, racing and retro.

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