Restoration Wednesday – 1987 Porsche 944S

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The 1987 Porsche 944S had been sitting outside since I bought it and cleaned it up three months ago.  Lawn art in the driveway.  I know I said I wanted to part it out but something happens to me when I devote more time to a project. I become a sucker. A sucker for the charms of valve covers with PORSCHE cast in the top and a 928 part number underneath.  It really is half a 928 motor. A sucker for dual overhead cams, chains, valves, the smell of used oil.  A sucker for German engineering that wasn’t cheap to build and now isn’t cheap to fix.  A big-giant-fruit-colored-twisted-strands-on-a-stick sucker.

But wait.  Before you go snarking at me to break it down like a fraction, recoup red shark spendings via no reserve eBay auctions and forget about love, yeah I said it love, listen to this tidbit.  When I pulled the timing belt cover, the belt was intact with no visible signs of forgotten fluoride.  See?  There is hope!  Hope the engine only blew a head gasket or something else I have no idea how to diagnose yet.  Hope the chipmunk spaghetti dinner didn’t take out more electronics than I’ve already seen. Hope the Ogre-like layers don’t stink like onions because I’m a fan of cake.  Everybody loves cake.

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