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Does the engine look clean? I hope so even though I wasn’t finished at this point. Typically you take off the body panels on scooters, of which I’ve had a few, and they are filthy. So my first, second and third rule with any project is clean, clean, clean. I actually enjoy it. Come on. Yeah, I do. It’s rewarding to sit back after a good scrub down and admire cleanliness whether you’re coming out of the shower or five feet back from a scoot in the driveway. The real key to all of it though is to have the right product. Which brings me to today’s sponsor: Permatex No Touch Tire Care. When your rubber needs to polished. Right, like I have a sponsor. While I’m supremely proud to know three or four of you read my blog which is why I continue and enjoy writing it, I’m far from any advertiser actually paying me to reach you, no offense. Yet I must promote, a tire cleaner is something I learned about watching a detailer on Youtube who cleaned an engine with the stuff. It’s really quite mild and a good grease cutter. I also have spray bottles of Simple Green, Purple Power and other stuff but this works really well and is foamy. So go out and buy yourself a can today and tell them Groosh sent you! And they’ll be like who the hell is Groosh? This dude held up in his garage writing about a 1980’s Honda Elite scooter. You mean the one with the pop up headlight? And then we’ll all be like: Hells Yeah, You Know It.


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  1. Paul

    That’s super clean, up to your usual standard. Another excellent post, thanks Paul.

  2. fred cousins

    The plastic disk on the horn is to protect the paint, while the horn was shipped to Honda. Before the scooter was assembled. Usually never being removed by a owner, as they cant see it.

    • Groosh

      I thought is was some sort of shipping detail but wasn’t sure for what. Either way I decided to leave it to add to the original detail, kinda like a car that still has plastic covering the interior. Thanks for the info Fred!

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