I Spy with My Little Eye, Not Much

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By now, you’ve probably all seen the leaked Jaguar XJ photos prior to the actual unveiling yesterday by Jay Leno. Good looking car to be sure. But what’s the appeal of spy photography leading up to them? Remember the mustache story from a few days back? Those guys were driving cloak and dagger cars. Take out my camera to snap a few? Hardly. I couldn’t for the life of me make out what they were, so what’s the point besides that being the point. The other magazines might as well show me a disguised Yugo and tell me it’s the next Smart.

“Yup, looks like the next Smart car alright. It’s got that square thing going on under the bra and it’s kinda tall and what not… oh look, they’ve put some wheels on it too. That next-gen Smart is going to be sweet.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Paul, Mike here…
    Speaking of new car launches. How ’bout the new rear tail lights of the Mustang. Ford went “Chick” on them!! The front face has some new lines, and the hood scoop is now as big as Pamala Anderson’s latest pair, but what the hell were they thinking on the tail. The integrated reverse lights look out of place, and the softer break line where the lights meet the bumper is just wrong. They should go to Rousch or Saleen and learn a few things about aggressive designs.

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Yeah, but now the tail lights click one, two, three like the old Cougar lights. That was the single best reason to buy an old Cougar.

    Stop the deer with your headlights. Then, drive real slow until you’ve got them mesmerized on your tail lights. They follow you home and bang, you’ve got dinner!

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