1992 Toyota Supra Turbo

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I’m not sure if I like this Mark III version or the next generation one more.  Yeah, I like the later one better.  But that doesn’t take away from what this one is: a stone cold survivor with 78K miles and so much velour you’ll be hungry for beef bourguignon every time you drive it.  The car will start feeling slower year after year and the bolsters will not have as much punch as you add chump from all your beef meals.  That’s ok you think to yourself, I’m fat and happy in my new sweater.

This guy wrote a book about the car and has tons of pictures at Photobucket available through the read more link. 

On Hemmings in Henderson, Nevada for $18,000 or best offer.

1992 Toyota Supra Turbo, 5-speed, TEMS, Targa top, Garnet Pearl exterior, Burgundy velure interior. Super great condition!
Attention fans, enthusiasts, collectors, and restorers! This is the one! A rare find!
 Only 1193, ‘92 Supras were ever produced (and only 1174 sold in the USA). So maybe less than fifty were imported in the same configuration as above! Most came with grey leather interior, very few with this gorgeous burgundy velure interior.

Most of these great sports cars have been flogged to death by drifters and “tuners”! Their lack of knowledge and budget has left a significant wake of butchered and hard driven Mark III’s. You will be hard pressed to find a completely stock (no modifications) one in as excellent a shape as this is. A near pristine, original, “adult driven” example worthy of parking in a showcase!

If you were ever thinking of just acquiring for the fun and pure pleasure of it, or looking to totally restoring a Mark III, this definitely is the one to start with, because so little would ever need to be done to it. You will absolutely be many many thousands of dollars ahead with this one!

It is a beautiful car, and taken care of with lots of TLC! You could actually do nothing to it and still get mucho admiring glances and total satisfaction with the driving experience for many years to come.
Interior, exterior and engine compartment are super clean. And always were! Truly an OEM car with minimal defects!
Definitely a “keeper”! I bought it at 16k miles and was going to keep it until I died, along with my (also almost pristine) all original 2001 Isuzu VehiCross. However, I now want more goodies for my race car!
Everything that ever needed to be fixed on this car was done using OEM parts (except for K&N filters, etc.). It has never been in an accident. And never smoked in!
Driven and maintained (records go back to day one) with the utmost care and attention. Always garaged! No dents, accidents or corrosion. It has never tasted salt or snow! Tight body! Interior and exterior are in extremely good condition.
Never raced (autocross, drags, track day, etc.) in any way form or fashion, ever! However, it has occasionally gotten its legs stretched on some lonely desert roads (at more than twice the national speed limit and still pulling!). And it loves it! The faster it goes the more stable it is! Fantastic ride!
One of the best Mark III’s you will find anywhere. Complete owner’s manual set with cover and a tool kit. Jack and spare tire looks to have never been used. Spare tire is the original! Everything works. This car has been coddled.

Less than 200 miles ago: Newly freshened-up motor (by a certified mechanic): complete top end rebuild with a 3-way valve job and all the runners deburred; a complete set of seals; plus the lower end completely checked over; new clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate; and four new tires (the spare is still the original!). This major repair was done because it started overheating (and the dealer couldn’t figure it out) and it finally succumbed to the faulty factory head-bolt torque specification (too low) that plagued these 7M-GTE engines. So this is one typical Mark III’s very costly expense that you will be spared.

The better Mark III’s have been selling privately well over KBB/NADA for some years now. FYI: It’s only the auto dealer sales that get reported to the books. And very seldom do they get a completely OEM older car or truck. Plus, a lot of the remaining Supra’s are in the snow-belt, or east coast, and you have to be vigilant for underbody salt corrosion. Sort the Auto Trader site by mileage, year, and price and you will see this one is priced quite appropriately.

Minor blemishes include small rock chips on front and sides, drivers side b-pillar plastic trim is discolored, right front passenger plastic a/c vent is discolored, leather e-brake cover is discolored, and a small hole in the side of the outside of the lower driver’s seat fabric. Front exterior paint was touched up 3 years ago.
Looks, runs & drives great! Gets lots of admiring glances! Super clean!
Handles like a dream. I’ve been driving it on medium length drives fairly regularly to keep everything working properly.
Automatic air conditioner that works well in Las Vegas has already been converted to R-134a Freon.
I should be able to deliver the Supra in an enclosed trailer to almost anywhere at a reasonable rate.
Glad to answer any questions.
If these links don’t open properly, paste them into your web browser for mreo photos (and remove any spaces in the links):
For standard and optional equipment see page 27 & 28:

More photos (best if viewed as a slide show):
Interior Front:
Interior Rear:
$18,000 obo

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