1984 Buick Grand National – $4500 (Des Moines)

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Cheap right foot thrills.  Mileage isn’t awful at 80K.  Hard to believe these are almost 30 years old.  Heck, it’s older than the Turbo I just bought which is a “historic” vehicle already in the state of Michigan. 
I still can remember my first drive in one of these.  Our buddy Travis in high school borrowed it from his dad, who borrowed it from his work.  He let me drive it in the sub across from Meyer’s party.  I stepped on it out of a corner.  It went sideways on dry pavement. Travis reached over to grab the wheel.  I casually counter-steered, quietly thanking my snow drifting practice, and said, “wow it’s go a lot of get up.”  He didn’t let any one else test drive it that night.  
By the way, his way pale yellow.  Way cool color on this car. 
Find it here on Craigslist in Des Moines, Washington.

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