1978 Sterling Sports Car Exotic All Electric Vehicle 240VDC

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Sold a la carte, not complete as stated which bugs me.  Just bundle everything into the price so we’re not nickel and dimed at the end of the auction.  Someone has an eye for pictures but no sense of marketing. As said, if you need to be different rolling up to the Dairy Queen, this will do it.

“The Sterling is being sold complete, with the exception of the carpet, seat upholstery, and sound system. We can complete this at additional cost according to your specifications. The vehicle has provision to install an air conditioning unit for an additional $1500.”

“This rare vehicle is an exhilarating, fun and fast, custom electric showpiece which includes: 250 kilowatt all-electric silent drive-train with over 300HP and 200ft-lbs of torque; customized fiberglass body; up to 40 mile range with current 240V AGM battery, upgradeable to Lithium for greater range; hydraulic raising top activated with key FOB; overnight charging with upgradeable 1-2 hour fast charging. It is based on the Sterling Sports Car fiberglass body on a ’78 VW chassis. The fiberglass has been highly customized from the typical Sterling. The front lights are completely original, as well as the rear light panel.” 
Find it here on eBay in Logan, Utah.

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