1978 Buick Skylark

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October 13, 2011 – This hit $4,050.05 but did not sell.  It was relisted with a BIN of $6,950 and failed to hit reserve at $5,126. Relisted again with the same $6,950 BIN.

October 8, 2011 – Apparently a Grandpa drove the blue one while my grandma drove a beige one.  They never met though.  My grandma’s was a ’76 Skylark, no A/C or the cool wheels, and was affectionately called the beige bomber.  It was my high school car after my 1974 BMW 2002, my first car, decided not to start anymore.  Compromise didn’t come easy for a impressionable car kid but the bomber had its perks.

• It can fit 12 kids comfortably as long as your shorter friend Pauly laid under the back window. 
• Does fantastic lawn jobs throughout Wabeek.  Just don’t get stuck, walk to Alex K’s house and expect him to tow you out.
• Feels like it doesn’t have any power until your friend Rich L. stretches to the gear shift and drops it into first while your still going 30 mph.  If I thought I was going to blow up grandma’s car, it was then.
• Finally, when you fight over a quarter pounder with cheese with Pat and veer ever so slightly off the road into telephone poll anchor cables at roughly 25 mph, American steel bumpers save the day.  Hardly a scratch.  I won the quarter pounder.

On eBay with a reserve in Lakeland, Florida where all grandpa and grandma memories will live forever.

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