1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk 1a – "Calling It Stock When It Snot"

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Just one look with the line “this vehicle is original and mostly stock” and I got to counting all the mods for my “Calling it Stock When Its Not” contest.  Just to recap, this stuff bugs the crap out of me.

Without further ado, let’s go to the list shall we?

Starred items definition:  “** still have most of stock items that were removed.”  Key word most.
“- had the Tiger repainted in 1981 “Red/Orange” Sherwin Williams #T162.
– purchased Shelby International “Anaconda” aluminum alloy wheels
– upgraded to wide performance radial tires
– changed from Brit. electric fuel pump to Holley performance fuel pump.
– removed cartridge type oil filter assembly, replaced with Ford remote filter unit. **
– replaced stock steel fan with stainless steel (5) blade Flex fan.
– rerouted heater hoses and removed water control valves. **
– changed out rear Koni shocks with Garbiel air shocks. **
– installed roll bar, (4) point mounting with steel sub-plates.
– completely redone interior.
– new mahogany dash board and Moto-Lita steering wheel.
– replaced all exterior lighting connections/housings, bulbs and lens.**
– replaced complete exhaust and hardware with stock stainless steel system.
– installed 3″ wide racing seat belts. (period correct)
– changed out most chrome emblems, script and exterior chrome.**
– installed remote battery cut-off switch in trunk.
– installed optional LAT-25 fiberglass hood scoop (functional)
– replaced old Holley carb with new Holley 465cfm carb.
– replaced brake/clutch master cylinders and clutch slave cylinder.
– installed BMW electric pusher fan.
– stock horns replaced by triple air horns.**
– had original radiator cleaned out & converted to cross-flow
– replaced Ford coil with Petronix 40k volt chrome coil.**
– installed California type front air dam.”
I count 24 items modified, some quite heavily, with seven possible put backs.  Find the car on Hemmings for “$29,500 obo Cash, serious only please.  NO trades or BS. Thanks,  from Houston, Texas.”
A list of previous contenders here.  Thanks to reader John “Wily” for Tiger inspiration for this post.

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