1966 Porsche 912-6 Conversion Custom Scalloped Green

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On my normal perusal of the Porsche market, I came across this car.  It was recently written up in Sports & Exotic Car (or was it Sports Car Market) with the original owner featured who built the car over 35 years ago.  It’s a 912 with six conversion and custom paint.  Dr. Ferry Porsche gave it recognition in the San Diego Parade Concours back in 1977.  It was noted that Ferry was always interested in what customers where doing with his cars and therefore took a picture with the owner.

This car is featured on Sloan Cars, who if you know, is famous for having top notch low mile cars.  It’s kinda scary how good his cars are.  But oh yeah, do you pay for it.  He’s asking $79,900 which doesn’t seem outrageous to me when you consider there is a 1964 911 on eBay for $155,000 right now.   But the owner of that one cracked out the peace pipe and toked long and hard before coming up with that figure.

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