1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

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Overheard the night it was parked:
“These damn Italian cars.  Thanks for the tow Billy, I’ll get to it later.  So do you think she was interested in me or was it the car?”
“Oh, she was definitely giving you the ol’ one eye, but I think that was the only eye that worked,”  Billy recounted. 
“You’re funny.  Well the bundle of pork you were hitting on wasn’t anything to shake a stick at.  Although she probably would have fetched it if you did.  Do they train pigs to play fetch?  I always thought they were the smar–“
“Yeah, yeah well you know something John, this car was one of your dumber ideas.  Who gets laid because they drive some exotic Italian car?  Those girls couldn’t have cared less.  What did this thing cost you and you still had to buy the drinks.”
“Shut up Billy.”
On eBay in Pikesville, MD going on for no reserve.


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