Windshields, Not Just for Bugs Anymore

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After a huge chip spidered across our vision, we decided to get the windshield replaced on our CX-7. I used a bit of “the force” to tie it into a previous claim that took out our transmission oil cooler. These are not the droids you’re looking for, I told the AAA claim guy. Actually the long and short it is, when some metal hit the front of the car on the freeway something else hit our windshield. However, we didn’t claim it at the time because we forgot. The chip was there hidden in the shaded area while the crack developed later.

Attempting to go back, the guy said I’ve got to open a new claim and pay the $500 deductible again. “Nut uh, you did not just go there,” I told him. He said, there is no way to prove it happened at the same time. I said, well you took pictures of everything right? He did but not of the windshield. Again, he said a new claim. And here’s where I pulled out the light saber. Well, Jerry, is there anything else we can do? He said hold on, talked to his manager and arranged the entire fix.

All Star Glass came out for the repair after an adjuster verified everything. Never did I realize the role a windshield plays with your car. Did you know that is a roll-over the structural integrity of the glass and adhesive holding it in play a critical roll in preventing crush down? How about the plastic film in between the layers of glass that keep it from shattering all over? Huh… knew both of those did ya? Smarty pants.

Did you know that the plastic layer in between the glass can actually become stretched or distorted leading people to get queasy or have headaches? You may also be interested to know that last year GM reported a new system, now in the research phase, that uses lasers and infrared sensors to identify hazards in the road—or perhaps the edge of the road itself in bad weather—and projects them onto the windshield. They anticipate this being used by the over 65 generation who need visual help to continue driving.

Included in all this technology are rain sensing systems, antennas, tweeter speaker placement, third visors and defrosters. But nothing beats a solid windshield so your good old fashion teeth mastering happens without bugs jamming your pearly whites.

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    I am amazed at your ability to write headlines. You have a gift! Every single headline delivers. Every single one. Nice work.

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