When Driving a Porsche Doesn’t Make Your Penis Big Enough, Try Whale Penis Skin

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This story was forwarded by our good friend, “d-oopsmat”.

It’s a story we can thank Pamela Anderson for… as if her early days in Playboy didn’t make all of the young boys sprout a few extra inches anyway.  But not the point of this story.  This story is about a Russian tuner Dartz.  He created a rise last November when he announced they would be finishing the interior of an SUV in whale penis leather.

Pamela spoke out for all animal-rights activists giving Dartz much more media coverage and in turn, they junked their plans and switched to a whale vinyl substitute.  The Porsche pictured here has the feel of whale skin penis on the exterior, as if I would ever be able to tell, and does absolutely nothing to improve the overall appearance.

The fake interior whale hide will now carry a “save the whales” logo and the promise that both the interior and exterior will be as famed as vinyl tops last seen on pimp-mobile Cad-y-lacs.

Customers can order the whale skin vinyl finish through Dartz’s French branch Dartz France (www.dartz.fr).

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