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It was EMPM Esq. that emailed me one fine morning to tell me he had been watching Wheeler Dealers on YouTube half the day.  “You’d like it.”

“Oh really?  You think you know me?  I’d like it?  What’s it about?”

“They buy and restore old classics with a budget of 5,000 pounds.  It’s out of the UK.”

“Umm… yeah, I’d love that.  You should have said, Groosh you’d love it.  You said like.  I would love a show that projects my fantasies of restoration, shops, tools and grease on the medium to big screen.

I subsequently watched a bunch of episodes.  I went as far as to stream them through my HDMI connection to my HD panel.  If you had any doubt, we are super duper high tech here at Motor Car Market.  We gots ourselves panel T-V that’s flat and ev-ree-thing.  In case you missed it, that last line is best said with a big toothpick in your month and a southern drawl.  Or you can skip the teeth cleaner and simply put a really stupid look on your face. 

Let’s get crackin’ on this episode which we have conveniently embedded from our sister YouTube channel.

Wheeler Dealer at Discovery Channel

Link to the remaining 4 parts.

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  1. EMPM, Esq.

    I watched another episode last night. Best. Show. Ever. Edd’s the man!

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