What Was Supposed to Be My First Car

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For 25 years, the Citi range has continuously been refreshed and kept alive with innovative, appealing special and limited editions such as the Designa, CTI, Deco, Sonic, Wolf, Bafana Bafana, R Line, Xcite, Billabong and most recently the GTS.  However, Volkswagen has ended production of the Golf Mk I model in South Africa and announced that a limited edition of 1,000 Citi Mk1’s (based on the Golf I) will be made as a commemorative series.  The latest and last limited edition of the Citi range, the Citi Mk1, is offered with the 1.6i engine which has a power output of 74kW at 5400rpm.

The original Rabbit was almost my first car.  My dad pushed it on me as reliable transportation that wasn’t really cool.  We must have looked at seven or eight of them.  A GTi would have been money but the regular Rabbit, not so much.   Who knew that just like the Mini Cooper, some not-1st-world country would produce these things until the wheels fall off.  Both designs still hold up in my view.  The commemorative edition in black looks pretty sharp.   I’d drive one now.  Maybe we can do some VIN swapping back to 1981 and pull them stateside just like Minis. 

  1. Earned911

    My roommate back in the day had a GTI, we had a lot of fun with it. We thought about building it into a race car, but gave up and bought faster cars…
    My Grandma in Germany had one, my cousin took it over and kept it running, it was 11-12 years old before they finally scraped it. Brings back great memories…

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