Wait a Minute… The Guy We Fired Has My Job!

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Two years ago the auto industry started to tank. It was the perfect time to cut dead weight. It didn’t matter if people were red, white or blue collared, the house needed Molly Maid. In the back of your mind you probably thought good, I’ve worked with “that guy” that needed to get the axe. These companies will end up stronger.

Then a year later more chopping blocks were put forth. Perhaps we had real empathy for the industry and, no doubt, more fear for people we know that were on the front lines. It was getting real for our friends. White collars were getting lipstick on them.

But then, the unforeseen, the worse case scenario: government bailouts, bankruptcies and yet another round of layoffs. With the dead weight gone, the loafers, gofers and poachers who was left to cut? The good ones that’s who. But now the job market is flooded with people who apparently suck and has been for two years. They had plenty of time to find jobs and in many cases took the jobs right out from under the people who fired them.

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