Unimog rockcrawler – $12000 (Pinckney)

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This has been for sale for a few weeks. I actually called on it because I’ve loved Unimogs since I first saw one in 1988 parked on the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. So killer, I strained my neck. The owner was a good guy and used the vehicle as a promotion tool for his welding business. Its name is painted on the side of the door HellCreekForge.com. He said one thing of real importance that I’ve dwelled on for over a week. “It only does 52 mph. If you think you know what that feels like, drive your car around without ever going above 52. It’s not fast.”

Did it and will it work as a promotion tool for Groosh’s Garage? You bet. He also said be prepared to get mobbed every time you get out in a parking lot. Additionally, he was pulled over five times by the police and never once asked for license and registration. They just wanted to know what it was. But to think of running errands on the back roads of Dexter and never cresting above 52 mph stuck with me. It is by all designed intentions a tractor that is street legal. It looks good, will run forever and would be a hoot. But I’m not sure I’m a player at those speeds.

Find it for sale on Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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