Two Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows, ’71 & ’73

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You’re going to need a shadow if you want to make it home.  How you doin’ quality.
On eBay in Peyton, Colorado starting at $5,500 with a reserve.
“1971 Brown in color Silver Shadow  Rolls Royce  British Right Hand Drive Vin SRH16973, Mileage is 94,315. This is the original mileage.This Rolls Royce Runs and Drives well.  It  is Slow in Starting will probably need a tune up. It could use cosmetic work. Body needs work on front and rear.
1973 Red in color Silver Shadow Rolls Royce British Right Hand Drive Vin SRH11181, Mileage is 58,232. This is the original mileage.  This Rolls Royce Starts well with a new battery. It does not drive at this time due to rear axle being taken out and will need to have the rear axles rebuilt or replaced and then it will drive as well.  It could use some cosmetic work.

Both cars once they are restored, you will enjoy the major difference in driving and riding them as compared to all other domestic cars.”

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