The Same Four Porsche 914s Two Seasons Later and a Town Over – $4500 (Copemish)

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In January of this year I went and looked at these four Porsche 914s sitting in a field. Here is the original post. They are all pretty beat up but the panels seem to be ok. When I went and looked there was a foot of snow on the ground so I didn’t dig into floor pan rust issues. The cars are either 1.7 liters or 1.8s so no 2.0 motors to be had in the projects. Would love to move them to my own field and break them down into usable parts.

January price $7,500. Today’s price $3,000 less which is probably what the new owner paid minus the cost to move them from Benzie to Copemish.

Find them for sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist.


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