The Rust Belt Wins One, Guess Silicon Valley Doesn’t Know Everything

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Fisker Automotive is slinging newly found government cash at an old General Motors assembly plant in Delaware.  The plant most recently produced the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky and Opel GT before GM restructured their sanity and yanked the kappa platform cars.

Fisker says it will spend $175 million to create the factory where it will build as many as 100,000 plug-in hybrids annually after smoking the biggest crack pipe ever and paying $18 million for 3.2-million-square-feet of factory.  Henrik also says 2,000 jobs by 2014 while teeth master Joe Biden stands next to him at the Wilmington Assembly plant during the announcement.  Please note, I didn’t have a real purpose bringing Joe Biden into this posting other than to call him a teeth master.  He smiles too much.

So Silicon Valley take that factory in your shorts and wiggle it around.  You sit so high and mighty on your VC money, tech savvy laurels that nothing inside or near Detroit could exhume car future to you.  You went as far as to say that Detroit was the backwash to an otherwise tasty beverage that green Googlians would be lapping up as electric cars take over from the new car hub of the universe.

But alas, old Detroit iron has its place…  And apparently it’s in Delaware being resold as a Fisker.

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  1. Bill Blue

    Telsa is looking at either Downey or Long Beach for their plant. Interesting to see Fisker go so far from the home base of Irvine but you got to figure the price was right.

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