The Honda CB500 Has Wheels

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Thought I would post a little bit of my progress in big pictures.  I will also post this to Facebook which is where I’m trying to track my personal projects with more detail, keeping the blog dedicated to purchase opportunities.  As always, my blog car and bike postings are typically found the day of the listing so you have the best chance to buy on a classic.
The wheel below was painstakingly wire wheeled, brushed and polished after being taken apart completely.  Three coats of clear coat were added to the wheel hub and new tires matching the original equipment were mounted. The chain was cleaned and lubricated.  Frame is original paint polished out.  The chrome is by no means perfect.  It is pitted but you need to be up close to see it.  I am going for originality with the character and story telling of a flawed, used and loved 40 year old motorcycle.

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