The CB500 Four Is Getting Made Over

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Several five hour days have been spent tearing down the 1973 Honda CB500 Four.  I have taken every bolt and nut apart on the bike, cleaned and polished them and rebuilt.  I’m going from front to back.  The pictures below are of the wheel and forks.  
Notice the new shock boots that required jacking up the bike and pulling the forks off entirely.  Also the front brake caliper has been stripped along with all the brake lines and disc.  Each is getting a complete overhaul.  The wheel is in process.  Both wheels will have new tires that match the original tread pattern as close as possible.  I found an IRC for the front and Dunlop for the rear.  
Checklist of some things done to date:
• Replaced shock boots
• Fixed broken headlight adjustment (had a wood chip jammed in there)
• Pulled turn signals apart and cleaned them
• Swapped brake and clutch levers with 2nd bike, not easy.  Little springs and pieces inside the turn signal and horn handle that want to pop out all over.  Needed two people to get this done.
• Pulled speedo and tach to clean up, cables have been polished and lubed
• Polished the levers, all chrome, shocks, handle bars and the front end
• Started cleaning up the engine, removing all bolts holding it on and cleaning all pieces
• Front wheel almost done, rear wheel off bike as well

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