Success! Project Phone Dial – Revivving a Classic

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Project Phone Dial was a success!  Thanks to everyone who got the word out and/or made contributions.  Congrats to Jim on a great product!

“A modern recreation of the classic Porsche Phone Dial wheel, carved from forged aluminum, offered in 18″ custom 3-piece modular fitment.”

Jim Doerr has launched this project on Kickstarter to raise funding for SAE testing needed to assure the wheel is safe for market.  I love the phone dial look and always have.  It is original on 944s, , 951s, 928s and even found on 80’s 911s.  The problem has been the cast construction vs. forged Fuchs which offer superior strength.  I personally have many bent phone dials in my basement. 

Take a moment to click the Kickstarter link to learn all the details of the project, which there are many.  You can contribute to the cause for as little as $1 or move up the ladder to full blown donations yielding posters, t-shirts or a limited edition of first run wheels in return.  

Well done Jim.  Pass it on!     

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