Restoration Wednesday, When Turning the Key Just Isn’t Good Enough

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It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, wire up toggle switches and a starter button. Maybe three toggles, not just the two pictured, that need to be tripped in proper-secret-order to get the engine to drink the Kool-Aid so nobody can jump in and drive off. Let’s see switch codes… One up, one down, one down. Or one up, down, then up. Or stay with me, down, up, up. Or maybe middle one up like you are probably thinking as I go through all the variations of toggle positions. Despite your interpretation of this is extremely important deterrent to keep thieves, high school joy riders or my friends guessing, I’m a realist. My prized possession came to me after sitting in a field for three years. Pretty certain nobody has a hunkerin’ for my clunkerin’ so it’s a pass on making the next Enigma. Positions On or Off, done.

But why the switch gear? The ignition didn’t produce a whirring sound when I tried to turn it over. Yes, before turning it over with the starter I pulled the valve cover and poured Marvel Mystery Oil in and around everything plus pulled the plugs and sprayed with fogging oil and let it sit. Then turned by hand. Since the key did nothing, I noticed a home grown push button under the dash. I pushed, turned. Nothing. I traced the wiring to the solenoid, tried to test the starter and finally pulled apart the steering column and removed the broken switch. After a little wire diagram research and MacGyver time, I have two toggles that represent each turn of the key. And ta da! A push button start.

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  1. Mike

    Might give your secret code to the wifie, so she can get it started, and run over you for spending time on this rather than mowing the lawn…
    With love and appreciation… 😉

  2. Groosh

    It’s so dry here in Michigan, the grass is better for smokin’ than cuttin’. But I do appreciate the concern.

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