Restoration Wednesday

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At first I thought the spider in the speedometer was dead, until it disappeared. How did it even get in there? Little bugger. You look creepy up close and up side down behind glass. I’m not planning to rebuild these 914 gauges yet but when I do, I’ll drop the bomb on him, baby.

Meanwhile, I’ve started digging into a set of Zenith 40 TIN carburetors. I’m polishing up bits, soaking parts in carb cleaner, re-jetting for today’s fuels and opening up the venturis from 26.5 mm to 30 mm. I’ll try them out on the 911 one day and rebuild the Webers I have on there now. There is a lot of talk on the forums that original 911T Zeniths work well on the 2.2s as intended. But they are limited when you try to build a performance engine that requires more fuel. However, I’ve found you can buy most any part from Alfa1750 on eBay including larger venturis making Zeniths flexible and adaptable to some modifications and larger displacement motors. To what end? I’m not really sure since I only have a 2.2 to test.

Finally, I’ve changed the oil and replaced the oil sending unit on the ’01 BMW 323xi. Nothing glamorous but it is nice to get the daily driver done.

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