Restoration Wednesday

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I like gauges.  They are like big watches.  I like watches too.  Remember when Lexus did that gauge cluster in the IS300?  They designed it to resemble a watch face?  I’m tempted to buy one off of eBay for display but I somehow think it probably looks cheaper than I think when not lit up and new.

On the other hand, the early 914 gauges I’m working on look fresh and ready to party.  Don’t they?  Sat in a wee spot of water for a while.  Not sure if the entire car was under water or just the gauges.  The speedometer is rusted solid.  The tach however does show promise of being restored.  While the fuel gauge are a dime a dozen in good original condition or better NOS, so I won’t go there.  Why go through the trouble of working on them at all?  Because I like gauges.



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