Restoration Wednesday

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Remember the “while in there” from last week?  It also included painting the entire trunk and smugglers box with silver POR15 up to the slope of the fire wall.  This car does not have original front fenders, hood or front pan.  Rust is still evident, silver over spray abounds or it was still black paint and the job welding said pan together was not stellar.  The spare wheel has been scrubbed clean, batteries installed and miscellaneous wires rubbed free of some dirt and over spray.  

Now that it’s all clean, one trip down the dirt road I live off will generate enough dust through welding gaps and rust holes making most of this cleaning venture pointless.  Sweet sweet pointless cleaning, rubbing and polishing.  Where is my bucket.      

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  1. Will

    Dirt road?? 🙂 Think of all the fun you’ll have getting it sideways. I feel sorry for your neighbors.

    • Paul "Groosh" Grusche

      Oh, there will be no shortage of sideways get-alongs. Just after a few “be nice runs” since it will have been thoroughly cleaned and put back together.

      But I digress. It stills needs to run and stop first.

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