Restoration Wednesday

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Haven’t done much since last week with the Thanksgiving holiday and all.  Pulled apart the rear bumper assembly of the 911T with intentions of getting it sand blasted and powder coated for long term storage.  Look real close at the top picture right below the lamp post and you’ll see a gaping hole in the bumper.  Water and dirt collected under the reflector for years rotting away the metal.  

Lots of the screws didn’t want to come loose holding on the rubber trim despite some WD, my PB Blaster was in the garage.  So I snapped them.  It’s good to note that those black bumper strips are held in place by T bolts that slide into the trip backing itself.  When they break, just slide out the remaining pieces and buy new ones, which I’m assuming they sell.

On the pyro note, we did light this pretty sweet bonfire to keep us warm outside in 25˚F frigid cold on Thanksgiving Day.

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