Restoration Wednesday, 1987 Porsche 928 S4

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This morning I drove out to Warren, Michigan to Stephen’s shop. It’s an hour away no matter how I slice it. Wish it were closer. A lot closer. The goal was to clean up corroded terminals on the wire harness to computer brain and hopefully solve the no revving, not idling, fuel pump relay not working and clicking sounds on start up. Sound familiar? If it does, you’ve replaced or rebuilt your LH computer module. The brain that broke. Mine.

I ended up doing some research and will ship the module to Rich at Electronik Repair in Mesa, Arizona. Rich is incredibly knowledgeable on the failures and provides a robust solution. He was recommended by Kevin and Injection Labs who rebuilt my MAF unit. Incidentally, Rich’s GTS was on the cover of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car a few years ago, July 2011. He is the original owner and has three other 928s.

Stephen’s shop at this point is four walls and a toilet. But as you can see, he attracts good company clearly because of the toilet, which I invite you to get your mind out of as I continue writing. The 944S was my car but under cover is a 951 with show quality rebuilt motor by Stephen with solid upgrades, powder coating and polish. The 911 Turbo is a ’77. They dropped the motor to reseal it and clean it up for sale. If you are interested, it will be going for market prices. I think I remember Stephen saying it has around 40,000 miles. It’s a clean, straight, original.

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  1. Paul

    I admire your efforts into getting the 928’s electrics sorted, most people lay the car up or just live with the faults. As for the 77 911 Turbo, I’m losing the ability to type, starting to shake! What a car, they had it just right but that may be a matter of opinion. Thanks Paul for yet another fine resto Wed

  2. Groosh

    It’s too bad I didn’t have any money about a year ago. Stephen and his friend fixed up and flipped a ’78 or ’79 Turbo. They sold it for $35K about 6 months shy of the prices going through the roof. We talked about that on Wednesday and it was clear Stephen was bummed his friend forced the sale when he knew the market was about to take flight. It’s not to say they lost money on the deal but….

    Thanks as always Paul for reading. You must update me on your projects in the UK. Like the 912…

    • Paul

      Sorry for no contact but not much happening on the 912 apart from visits to the body shop where I’m told about more panels needed! They are expensive visits. This is the boring and ‘ dig deep’ and even deeper stage. Shame I haven’t driven the car, hope I like it.

      • Groosh

        Expensive visits that will reward when it’s all done. Soon you’ll forget how much you dropped and just enjoy the ride.

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