Restoration Wednesday

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I clean things.  In fact I’m pretty good at it.  Believe it or not, I enjoy it.  This week my attention has been shifted to a 1971 Porsche 911T Targa roller (no engine although I’ve added a good and clean 4 speed 902/0 tranny).  I’ve never really liked Targas but as it goes with all cars, I can appreciate them.  I got this one along with my coupe in a package deal that I’m now looking to sell to fund other projects.  First step, clean and assess.

It all starts with a basic power wash.  Get as much of the 40+ years of grime off the car and onto the driveway.  Take along with it, chips of red paint from trim/wheels that should have never been painted, clumps of engine insulation, dirt, grease and the occasional misplaced washer or nut.  Next step, clean the driveway.  Then let the car dry, bring out the shop vac, interior cleaners, wax, glass cleaner and steel wool #0000.   

In the above pictures, you get a little sense of what some fine steel wool on the chrome will do.  Nice and shiny headlight switch and HVAC surround.  Everything else has had a first round wipe and vacuum. The car while missing deck lid, rear panel, front bumper, interior trim and steering wheel is complete.  The wiring harness, gauges, fuel pump, side mirror (copy of a Durant), metal horn grilles, lights, etc. are there.

There was rust repair done to the rockers and fenders but no accident damage is evident.  The car has been off the road since 1994 and in dry storage.  All the panels are original except for the front right fender.  Floors, front pan, jack points, battery boxes and torsion tubes are solid and original.  Original color is Gemini blue and it comes with late model 911 vinyl seats.  New hood struts are on order.  My goal is to have it up for sale by next weekend.  


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