Repeat After Me: I, State Your Name — "I, State Your Name"

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It’s a cryin’ shame but that’s what this world is coming down to. I bunch of yes men, like in Animal House. But even sadder, they aren’t even thinking with their schlongs after a good beer bong. They are consumed by their wallets hiding behind a thin veil of public safety.  Our public servants, serving the government rather than the public.

Thank goodness for Monkey Boy! Look, over there… in his car… it’s an emu… it’s a yak… no it’s Monkey Boy breaking the law. Breakin’ the law. Take a look at this video:

It kinda says it all, doesn’t it? I hate red light and speed cameras as evidenced by our earlier article in Motor Car Market magazine, What You Didn’t Learn In Traffic School. Our good friends at Car and Driver continue to point out why they don’t work but cash is king in our bankrupt country. Worried about them in your state? Here is a map from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for your reference. You can link here for more info from the IIHS.

I’d like to give a special shout out to “wetnoodle” who gave us the tip on this story.

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  1. wetnoodle

    Starting to remove them in Chicago area due them actually causing more accidents. People started slamming on their brakes to not get a ticket which in turn caused rear enders. Actually did’nt end up really bringing in more cash either.

  2. wetnoodle

    Well, the red light cameras are being removed. The speeding ones I am not sure of. I know there were alot of complaints going on when I lived there because of not being able to prove who is actually driving the speeding car. Never saw the speeding ones.

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