Prototype Museum Hydraulic Tilt Steering Concept Car

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Hand built by an engineer for proof of concept.  And while I’ve read the description and looked at the pictures several times, I still don’t understand why you would need hydraulic tilt steering.  It would be nice if they explained the objective of the feature. 

As the owner states, with no lights, safety features or title, you probably will have a hard time getting it registered for the road.  But that won’t make a difference when you start scouring the desert for gasoline and killing everybody.  

 On eBay in Bonita, California with a reserve.

“This is a built from scratch, 2000+ hours of machine work and fabrication, one of a kind tilt steering prototype car. no title, no guarantees it will or can ever be street legal.but guarantee it is awesome! the steering is hydraulically assisted tilt steering on all 4 wheels, with inboard suspension nestled inside custom made wheels with motorcyle tires. Built by an automotive engineer as a prototype to demonstrate the incredible hydraulic assisted tilt steering design. Has a jaguar rear end with internal disc brakes at the diff side, and powered by a rebuilt vintage rover 4 cylinder motor., side mounted radiator with scoops and venting, steel frame, aluminium body panels, and a boat load of other gadgets.. engine runs, and power assist tilt steering on all 4 wheels works, brakes need bled and it wil be drivable , you can figure out registration and titling issues yourself if you think that is something you want to do. has no lights, safety features, or vin numbers. email me for additionl pics or info, I do have some documentation on the car, and a rover repair manual as well.”

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