Porsche 962 racecar – $195000 (Vancouver B.C.)

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There was a guy who lived in my neighborhood when I was growing up that owned a SWB burgundy 911. I’m sure it was part of the air cooled influence that has me loving Porsche today. He also had a race car. I couldn’t tell you what kind of race car it was. But he would whip it into his driveway as slack jaw teenagers oogled and oggled, parting ways in the street from a rousing game of throwing tin cans in the air to watch the bats dive down at dust. As a slacked jawed adult, I’d like to oogle at this in my driveway.

Find it for sale on Seattle Craigslist.

“I have a non factory Porsche 962 Group C racecar for sale, never raced but ready to go. Painted Porsche Grand Prix white and decaled up with easily removable decals so you can apply your own livery. Details, photos and videos can be seen at http://members.shaw.ca/P962/962FS.html Email for contact number if interested. Comes with some spares. 3,2 litre na Porsche Carrera engine with 6 speed Hewland sequential transaxle. This was a multi year project completed in 2015. Car is virtually identical to a factory car and all factory parts are interchangeable. Available for a fraction of the cost of a factory car with history. Will consider offers. Partial trade considered Porsche 993.”

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