Porsche 914 / 916 body + aero pkg. – $2500 (grafton)

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My dedication to bringing you the best of what Craigslist, eBay, The Samba or a host of other car portals offers has shot me straight into a ditch.  I was absolutely time sucked by this video of a car I wouldn’t touch at 1/4 the price.  But alas, I followed the link to the YouTube video to see it featured in a short film.  Unfortunately, The “film” maker spent  3/4 of the movie shooting car-to-car or drive-bys in really crappy lighting so you can never really evaluate the body or paint.

The best part about it was the 1970’s drug dealing, mafia hat the driver is wearing so you don’t see his face in the video.  That is until the end when he, all 6’4″ of him, gets out the car, grabs his goods from the passenger seat and walks off into the sunset of his city apartment building.  Surprisingly, there is no bleep bleep from his key chain to set the alarm.

On Cleveland Craigslist.

  1. Gleeeeeen

    I have been looking for a 914 for quite some time. I live halfway between Flint and Detroit. Is there any way you could send me updates with anything you know is available in the area? I would REALLY appreciate it!!

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