Porsche 912/356 Engine 911 (KALAMAZOO)

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“Looking for



He owned a Porsche repair shop in Kzoo area for a long time. He was supposed to rebuild my 912 / 356 motor. From what I understand he has closed up shop. I am looking for anyone who knows how to contact him. I would like my engine parts back. I want a numbers matching car! without these parts I’m screwed. Willing to pay a finders fee of sorts.
Porsche 912 356 engine parts crank case rebuilt heads.

email me or call me.”

I don’t know… it just seemed legit so I had to post it.  I’d want my numbers matching car too.  But then again, you seriously don’t know the guy’s last name?  The name of the shop?  Where it was?  Do you have a receipt?  Work order?  Card?  Hand shake?  Spit in the eye?  Maybe he’s just assuming other guys know Buck and that should be enough. 

On Kalamazoo Craigslist.

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