Porsche 356 912 Parts Lot Sale Engine Transmission Misc

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“…You can see engine numbers and transmission numbers, please do your own research! Thanks.  I don’t want to part out unless it’s something worth parting out for a good amount.  I just want to make it easy and sell it all at once for less.”

Make it easy for who?  You can buy a beautifully rebuilt motor for about $6,000-8,000 depending on who built it.  I recently rebuilt a 912 motor, the same as a 356 essentially, and spent $5,000 in machining the parts alone.

At $3K for these parts (may I point out non of which have been noted for any condition so we may assume complete junk) plus machining plus labor – you easily have a five figure engine.  Wanna rebuild the tranny?  Add another $1-2K.   Maybe that’s what he meant… he just wants to make it easy to spend boatloads. 

Find it here on ebay.

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