Omni GLH – $500 (Clinton twp)

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“Omni GLH
Tow it Away
No interior
Does not run
Body has surface rust, but not rusted out.”

Absolutely nothing redeeming about it.  He might have to pay somebody to tow it away because he’s already asking over scrap value.  Why did I post it?  Because one day after K car calamities corrected, I thought they were sweet and was hoping door number featured a $500 find.  Those wheels were the porcupine prick, the skunk’s P-U, the dope diggity.  I wanted a cheap Omni just so I could put those wheels on it.  But as with most Dodge products of the day, Shadows, Daytona Shelby Zs, GLHs, they all were built like crap. 

On Detroit Craigslist.

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