New Year’s Eve Jeep. Which would you pick for $5,000? CJ, YJ, TJ?

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Jeep advertising was a former career of mine in the early 90’s. I loved that job and Jeeps and still do. The Cherokee straight six was a staple of my dad’s company cars who was also a Jeep and Chrysler ad man. Consequently throughout high school I drove his Jeeps out and about. My friends had Wranglers, Cherokees and Grands yet what do I set my sites on when looking for a short wheel base 4×4? Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. What’s up with that? I need some American iron in my life. Wranglers are sweet and it’s about time I turned my attention to one of them. But which one?

If you read the forums everybody has a different opinion of the best. The old CJ-7 is classic and an appreciating one at that. The YJ gets into square headlights which bummed a lot of enthusiasts out. But dude, a Renegade! That YJ suspension is still old “truck” school before the next generation. Then back to the round headlight TJ before the switch to a V6. Should my $5K budget Wrangler have air conditioning? Air bags? Be stock or modified? Lot’s of choices and lots of time to search before I upset my wife with another purchase. Which one would you choose?

1993 Jeep Wrangler Renegade – $5300 (Jackson) – Find it for sale on Jackson Craigslist.
1998 Jeep Wrangler – $4500 (Cement City) – Find it for sale on Jackson Craigslist.

1979 JEEP CJ7 4X4 – $4950 – Find it for sale on Jackson Craigslist.

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