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Thanks to reader Mike G. who sent along this video after an event at the Marconi Museum in Tustin, California.  The Marconi collection is tip top.  I visited with the Lotus club about five years ago for the tour.  The stand out memory for me was his (Dick Marconi) claim that the Ferrari 550 Maranello was the best overall car in his collection.   

He praised everything about it including the 201 mph top speed, handling, overall feel and compared it to a Daytona as the future collectible.  I really should be saving my money for one since they are relatively “cheap” and don’t suffer from the timing-belt-suck-your-wallet-dry symptoms of Testarossas for similar money.

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    Thanks for posting this. We had a great time at the museum, we were treated to a personal tour by Dick Marconi himself. Mr. Marconi is a very humble man, he greeted us with a huge hug rather than a handshake. He loves every car in the museum and has the story behind each one.
    To Paul’s point, he does love his 550. He lives about an hour away, on a ranch with a 2 mile dirt driveway, when he calls the museum for a car he just has to say “the red one” and they get the 550 out… notice from the video that he has plenty of red cars… I did poke him a little that the only Porsche he had was the one and only F1 race car that Porsche ever made. It was a privilege to meet him. – Mike G.

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