Malibu Valet Girls Get Short End of the Stick

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Did you hear about the company Valet Girls years ago? A bunch of hot chicks out for hire to park cars at parties and events. Did you think, I wish I had thought of that first? If you are a chick, probably not. But did you think about starting up the dude version of it? I certainly hope not. Who wants a bunch of guys wearing thongs sliding in and out of your car seat.

But reality for the Malibu-based company is that a bad economy hits everyone. They had to lay off 50% of their staff in February and reduce wages for their valet girls from 10 dollars an hour to 8. Really? Eight bucks an hour? Isn’t that like minimum wage or something? I guess a hot bod and pretty face aren’t worth what they once were. But I bet the tips were good.

Still one question remains for all you Valet laaadies out there. Who’s knob gets more polishing during the drive? The car’s or the producer who lives in Malibu?

PS, please get rid of the skank on the left. She’s bringing the wholesome look way down.

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  1. EMPM, Esq

    Wait, your left or my left? And by left do you mean the skank in the middle or the one to her left? And do you think the one on the left (my left) gets bigger tips by showing her midriff? And how do you lay off 50% of 5 people? I’m confused.

    (this part’s just for you, Groosh) Confused? Confused?! How can you be confused? It’s Gap, On, Over! (I think that’s how it went)

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Just to be clear on our definition of skank. A skank is a girl who doesnt dress well-meaning she shows a little too much skin…she could be described as sleazy, trashy, or even slutty…to be a skank a girl doesnt have to be a whore and be promiscuous but people assume that by the way she dressez and carries/presentz herself… [Source: Yahoo! Answer]

    Wait a minute, I’m still confused.

  3. Tom

    I’ll take that so called “skank” on the far left then. Hell, your left too..or my left?
    And I am sure the laid off ones should have no problems landing in a strip joint

  4. EMPM, Esq

    I actually prefer my skanks to be hussies. In case you are wondering:
    a woman considered sexually immoral or improper
    What’s the point of being a skank if you’re not going to be sexually immoral or improper? I would offer that there is none.

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