Lamborghini, ‘J’ Is For Jota

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The most spectacular Lamborghini Miura was undeniably the Jota; it was the most ambitious project Bob Wallace ever built. In Italian the letter ‘J’ is pronounced ‘Jota’, here it refers to appendix ‘J’ in the International Auto Racing rules, this car was built to go racing. Unfortunately it was never entered in a race, it was one Bob’s toys, a car he had designed and built in his spare time, during evenings and week-ends, when he could use all the Lamborghini tools he needed, Ferruccio didn’t mind all this as long as it didn’t interfere with Bob’s normal work.

The Jota only looked like a Miura, almost everything was redesigned, most of the body was now finished in Avional, a light composite alloy used in the aircraft industry, also the floor of the basic steel chassis was made of this lightweight material. The body styling looked very aggressive back then.

Bob would be pleased with the new level of “super car” design language being applied to the new Jota concept being run through it’s paces. It is rumored in certain groups to be the replacement of the current Lamborghini Murcielago.

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